b.1983, Louisiana

Sarita Dougherty is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work documents human relationship to environment, painting habitat, dwelling, and the intricacies of ecosystem. Through collaborative practices of reciprocity with land, spirit, and history, she reveals story in plein air oil paintings created throughout a season. She is the co-creator of the DIY PhD, a deeper and higher education program wherein the Universe is the University, knowledges are emergent in the body, passed on in community, and remixed with practice. Her research culminates in Original Gift: a Textbook for Connecting to Self, Community and Planet, to be co-published with community interviews, exercises, and theory this Fall through Coco Press.

Sarita has held residencies at The Huntington Gardens and the Women's Center for Creative Work, and currently teaches "Activating Ethnoecologies" at the University of Redlands and Foundations in Art at Cypress College. She regularly shares her work and pedagogies through artist talks in both academic and community-based settings, mapping cosmologies with people to push us out of anthropocentrism towards sustainability. She was the recipient of the 2017 Rema Hort Mann Community Artist Grant and the 2018 California Glory Award. Sarita holds an MFA from UCLA and a BA in Latin American Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill. She currently lives and works on a mountain with her partner champoy and daughter.

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photo by Armando Cortes

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