Painting in plein air reorients me to habitat and ancestor, and plant as familiar. The lived experiences and future paradigms of land and its inhabitants are imprinted in homes; I explore how pattern and object generate living ecosystems that shift cosmologies to earth, again. I map these cosmologies as intention and as pedagogy. I find myself painting the same worldview maps in situ, catching bliss in light and flora, to learn from earth, and give testimony. I have the rare honor of working alongside the elders that teach me; my mentors are cultural worker Olivia Chumacero of Everything is Medicine and Radical Ecologist Nance Klehm.


American, b. 1983, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States. 2017 recipient of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Artist Community Engagement Grant and 2017 Artist in Residence in collaboration with Olivia Chumacero at The Huntington Gardens. Sarita teaches at Cypress College and gives workshops around Los Angeles, and in New York, Montreal and other cities. She exhibits widely and engages in cultural and environmental activism in several LA-based collectives. She lives and works on a mountain with her partner and baby, tending to the land and community.

Current Shows & Media

Mother Mother, Vol. 2, edited by Sheilah Wilson, 2017

Interview here with Nance Klehm on Lumpen Radio, Chicago

Upcoming Public Events and Shows

Saturday, March 10, 1-3 pm - May 20, Solo Exhibit: Domestic Flora Familiars, Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden, Claremont, CA

Plein-Air Workshop @ Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens on April 15th ! More details TBA

Saturday, May 12th, Inter/Weavings, Sarita Dougherty with Diyan Bukobomba, Nicanor Evangelista Jr, Olivia Chumacero, champoy and iris yirei hu @ Visitor Welcome Center through June 16, 2018 **~~~~**** Live Performances @ opening! 5- 8 PM

Pachamanka Camp Facilitator ~ Pachamanka is an oasis in the industrial farm landscape of Northern Illinois stewarded by Social Ecologist Nance Klehm  June 29- July 1st 2018 *~ More Details coming soon

Nature's Farm Camp Facilitator ~ South of Chicago, IL *~~* July 5th- August 5th, 2018

Olivia Chumacero with Sarita Dougherty (right) during their collaboration and residency at the Huntington Gardens, 2017
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