b.1983 Louisiana

Sarita's art and pedagogy reflect and generate an earth-centered cosmology. Her home habitat is the departure point for mapping transcutural aesthetics and sustainable living systems, often portraited in plein-air paintings. The material and immaterial aspects of place pop in pattern, flattened perspective, and the potentiality to shift our paradigm while spirituality, ethnoecology and feminism run through her research, PhD Dissertation, and installations. She collaborates with elders, family, community and the land, sourcing from Cajun, Irish & Bolivian ancestors.

This Fall, Women’s Center for Creative Work welcomes LA-based artist Sarita Dougherty as their Artist in Residence.  In tandem and in relation to her visual work, Dougherty cultivates a pedagogical practice at the intersections of earth-based spirituality and ethnoecology.

This work is unfolding as Sarita’s DIY PhD Dissertation in the Postnational Department of Transcultural Youth, and interweaves ecofeminisms, ancestral knowledges, habitat rehabilitation, decolonizing methodologies & theories, incantations, plant medicine, and an ofrenda to Pachamama, her matrilineal deity of the Earth. Between September and December 2018, this research lives in an on-going installation reflecting the material and habitat at Sarita’s home and the WCCW; all connected to the LA River Basin. Sarita starts each work session at the river, making incantations to all the life she supports. Her residency builds towards a positive eco-footprint, wherein she cultivates seeds and only uses found materials in her work, including trash-objects she pulls out of the LA River. Viewers are invited to step into the pedagogical installation any time WCCW is open to the public, and enjoy a culminating celebration along with the Fall WCCW DIY PhD Cohort on December 2nd, from 5-7 pm.

Dougherty shares her Living Cosmology Dissertation work in a crowd-funded Patreon page at www.patreon.com/saritadoe.

Upcoming Events:

September 23rd: Back to (un)School Kick-off with the DIY PhD at the Women's Center for Creative Work, 2-5 pm

Join the biweekly WCCW DIY PhD Cohort , meeting Sundays this Fall! *Limited spots available, register soon!!*

October 21st: Seed-Wanding Paradise Hill with Olivia Chumacero, 2-5 pm

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