FLOOR MAT: Plants Heal Systematic Violence, Racism, and Desertification in LA, 6'diameter on canvas


ANIMATE PLANTS: A traveling exhibit with workshops (una exposición vaga por Sarita Doe)

Animate Plants is an homage to a new wave of relating to plants that's extremely ancient; as animate. Collectives are learning and spreading First Nations models of tending the land beneath the concrete neighborhoods and profit-driven economies of Los Angeles. The displacement of native species and habitat is as prevalent as the displacement of communities of color there; swift & cunning are the laws and loopholes that favor the wealthy but tenacious and resilient are the communities being pushed out. Animate Plants re-appropriates red and white stripes for earth-based medicine and transfers found spirit in pattern and color to the participant through tone, plant portraits, pictographs & banners.

Sarita Doe documents relationships with contemporary ecosystems, ancestors & revolutions. Her installations & paintings aim to dismantle eurocentrism in the public consciousness, art and parks, as well as education and recenter the rights of Pachamama, pollinators, land-systems, earth-based practices and Nepantla aesthetics.

She practices in-between folk and fine, equal parts concept and pictograph.

the mountain wall, 2013